The story of the Brothers-In-Arms, John and Jim Hunter, did not only move Johan Vandewalle and his excavation team. A group of World War I enthusiasts, consisting of battlefield guides, (amateur) historians and military history writers, were so inspired by the story that they decided to erect a non-profit organization to help build the dream.


  • Johan Vandewalle, amateur archaeologist and battlefield guide (project coordinator)
  • Wouter Feys, battlefield guide and lecturer (chairman)
  • Peter Vansteenkiste, battlefield guide (vice-chairman)
  • Bert Degrauwe, battlefield guide (secretary)
  • Alexander Reynaert, World War I collector (treasurer)
  • Luc Dutoit (international relations officer)
  • Geert Brouckaert, World War I collector
  • Donald Buyze, amateur historian and WW I author
  • Henk Claeys
  • Stephane Debevere, military
  • Rudi Degryse, musician
  • Koen Descheemaeker, commercial advisor
  • Filip Landuyt, amateur historian
  • Jozef Vantomme, legal advisor
  • Bart Vermeulen, amateur historian and story-teller